Problems Frequently Faced by a Mom

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Baby's Tummy Cramp

Usually occurs in new born babies. This is because their digestive system development is yet to be matured. When they experience stomach cramp, they will cry hardly and mommy will be very helpless and clueless.

Bloating Stomach

The baby's stomach often bloats and occasionally spit out milk. If this happens to your baby, it is because the baby inhaled too much air and was unable to burp.

Fever, Common Cold, Stuffy Nose

The baby's nasal mucous membrane has rich blood vessels, making their nasal easily cogested. Their immune system is weak too, making them easily to catch chill. Anastasia Comfort Baby Cream can achieve physical cooling and can warm their lung, making them feel comfortable all time.

Crying Non-Stop

Babies are not good at expressing their feeling through words, so they cry instead, this is to grab your attention. There are too many factors why a baby cries. Anastasia Comfort Baby Cream emits soothing scent that can calm their emotion and fall asleep easily, so do you.


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  • "My baby is easily bloated, especially at night. After using this, she will farts after 10 minutes and feels comfortable!"

    - Mommy Jecsy -

  • "I've tried Bxxds before and it didn't work. After using Anastasia, my baby sleeps sweetly and bloating is no longer a problem!"

    - Mommy Ling -

  • "Since using Anastasia Baby Cream, my baby no longer has temper tantrums at night. Really recommend for all mommies."

    - Mommy Zoey -

  • "Terbaikkk cream memg bgus untuk buang kahak, batuk dan selesema! wajib korg cuba! Berbaloi sngt2."

    - Mommy Elf -

  • "Since applying Anastasia, crying has decreased and he sleeps well at night, which allows me to sleep better too."

    - Mommy Julia -

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Taking Care Of Your Baby Effortlessly

Adopting French patented RMA (Premium Cream Base) and GTCC (Natural Oil Base), this high quality base cream has a texture of non-oily, non-sticky & non-irritating.

Anastasia Comfort Baby Cream is made from pure and organic extracts of 4 natural ingredients including Eucalyptus Oil, Ginger Oil, Orange Oil and Tocopheryl Acetate.

Our product is GMP, SGS, MSDS certified and was registered under NPRA too.

Formulated by mom, for mommies.

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